Just staring into space

The feeling of loss when you are in bed with the heaviest body, sinking into the mattress, and through the crumpled sheets, to the centre of something failing. Your head is falling into the depth of despair and you cannot wake up but not fall into sleep enough. I have always been a sickly being.… Continue reading Just staring into space


I write for everything

I am listening. The window is open to my right, the air has been cooled from the drop in temperature and the rain from previous night. I let myself to sleep hearing the spluttering on the roof, and I adored how I was tucked in the softness of the bed with the book set in… Continue reading I write for everything


  I usually sit on the left side of the bus. It is the direction of sunrise. It is when morning tries to break itself from behind, between the thick clouds that covers its body. There are occasional holes the cloud has missed to fill, and the orange warmth streams through, onto my shoulder, my… Continue reading Scream