the stars look beautiful tonight

A lot has happened.
I am still not sure whether the path I have chosen is the right one.

I guess no one will ever know. Even when we die.
What we can know, is the fact that the heart is being filled with content and warmth and blue. It is whether you feel that you can get through this despite everything that will happen.I am not sure yet, and maybe I won’t be able to, but I am willing to risk and try my life on this.

There is no need to go into details for the things that have happened over the course of few months. But there were many things that rattled the heart and plunged me into the sleepless nights and the agony of the endless roam for the path that I am “meant” to walk on.

But, there is no answer. There is no finish.
There is no completion, or perfection.
Just the labelling of success in one’s own mind and perception.
And perception changes. Knowledge and experiences fluctuate.
We are never the same person we were, even seconds ago.
The constant change is inevitable, the nostalgia unbearable, but we are also bound to these elements by life.

There may be no way to enjoy it, or to embrace it.
It is difficult to love the opposing force that drags us back into the past.
Forgetting is not easy, and yet becomes so, when we meet someone, someplace, new.
Things we experienced, things that happened were eventually meant to happen one way or another, and it did, and whatever the outcome was, it did, and has made you into what you are now.

Standing under the winter night sky is brings back the past, it evokes emotions I’ve tried to forget. It is okay to remember it clearly, and it is okay to retrace it, and then, overwrite them.

Whatever way you live this life, the things that happened, the people who stumbled into yours, and you into theirs, all of them are worth it.



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