To forget is to remember.

In order to forget, you must first resurface those memories that you want to let go.

The process of remembering is somewhat difficult.

Intense emotions flashback in the mind and you are thrown into that scene all over again, those things you want to forget.

It hurts. Tears may fall. Anger and humiliation may wrench out your heart. You cannot accept the fact that people think they can hurt another being so much and walk away like that. I am remembering those sleepless nights and when I did not want to wake up the next day. Loud voices and human chaos would overwhelm me, and I could not look up from my feet. The night before starting a new school would be the worst. I remember crushing myself underneath the blankets and listening to my heart beat out such loudness.

All of those things, as much as it is a part of me, I want to forget them.

Because to have them remain inside of you is like living with shackle tied onto your feet. You can move a little, but it is slow and painful.

I have been trying to escape it.

Time may heal.
But I am not sure how long that is going to take.
I want to let it go away right now, this moment.
And how can there be any assurance that it will be gone at all?
No one can make any guarantees.

Forgetting, it always begin with remembering.





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