anti-Loveless project

the anti-Loveless project


Because I have been hating life so much, constantly feeling miserable, like there is nothing to live for, instead, I have decided to listen to people around me, asking what they (meaning you) love about life.

It all began out of my misery, and it is sort of a way for me to heal. I have always been scared of people, and still am, I am trying to find myself through all this, trying to figure out a way to live with people and communicate. We are all loveless, no? We just don’t know how loved we are by life, until we part them, maybe. But now, I am not sure of this at all. And that’s why I named this project “anti”-Loveless project, because I am not strong and positive enough to name this a happy one, I cannot get rid of the loveless mind.

The question is utterly simple.

What are your “loves”?

Expanding it a little bit more, and asking; Who? Where? When? What? What do you love? Like? What makes your heart dance? When do you want to shout out to the world? Where do you feel at peace? Who makes you smile?

You can tell me your whole life story, (which I would be delighted and eager to hear!) or just simple sentences, or even one word like; autumn afternoon (oh no wait, that’s two), apple, him, her, sky, wind etc.

Title of a book, film, music, artists, quotes.
Smell, touch, sound, colour, light, shadow.

Anything and everything, here and there.
All of it, or just a part of it.
I am waiting to hear your loves.

From a desperate, struggling 21-year-old sitting in front of her computer typing this.

P.S comment, email, Instagram message, twitter reply/message, any type of correspondence is welcome (:
instagram: _mugi.375



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