Before it rains

We Heart It

There was a sense of rain in the air last night on my way home from work.

Maybe I knew it from the morning of that day, when I wrote about the sky burning down onto the ocean and felt like the whole world was on fire. It is usually 1-3 days later that it will hit the actual rain phase. After I’ve seen that burning sky which got stuck behind my eyelids, I kept waiting for that precise moment when the water starts dropping off, on the verge, nearly tipping off the peak of the clouds, and to pour down onto the ground.

The water running off the hill is a view but about autumn rain is, when the orange and yellow leaves are all coated with the moisture and looks brighter than ever. It actually feels more sunnier than when the sun is actually out.
It is raining outside now. Tapping on the door above me and I keep hearing it like a footstep of someone getting closer but never arriving, like walking in circles.
I wonder if I can see the stars through this midst of mist of cloud and rain. It would be a faint glitter in the grey. There is a weird brightness on a cloudy/rainy night when the city lights kind of reflect on it and you feel sort of trapped inside.
The faintness of the sound is luring and dangerous.

It is walking me into sleep.



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