We Heart It


Mellow rhythm and sound walks on a tightrope spread out into hundreds of directions. It is the softness, but not too soft, it is that feeling of being alive with the sound, like the beat flowing through your veins, not an attachment from the outside but there with you, and therefore, you cannot get it out of your system.

The word mellow is defined as:

a of a fruit : tender and sweet because of ripeness
b of a wine : well aged and pleasingly mild
a : made gentle by age or experience She was a tough and demanding teacher, but she became mellow in her old age.
b : rich and full but free from garishness or stridency the mellow tones of an old violin
c : warmed and relaxed by or as if by liquor After a few drinks we felt pretty mellow.
d : pleasant, agreeable He was in a mellow mood.
e : laid-back mellow background music
of soil : having a soft and loamy consistency
from Merriam-Webster Dictionary

adjective (RELAXED)
relaxed and pleasant or not severe
adjective (SMOOTH)
smooth and soft, or not too sharp, bright, new, or rough
from Cambridge Dictionary

You are listening to it even when you are not listening at all. It is always there, ringing with the other sound surrounding you, but does not mean it is invisible, but rather, extremely alive within us.

This is my autumn mellow beat.
I think you can hear my heart beating with it too.

In the Midst of It All (feat. Sam Wills) / Tom Misch
If I start explaining how good this is, I will ruin it. Please listen. Please keep listening even though it may sound long. But it isn’t. From the first echoing you hear to the voice, to the guitar solo at 4:00, it’s heartbreakingly beautiful every single time.


Warm On a Cold Night / HONNE
I have been listening to this same song for almost two years now and never ever get tired, but rather, come to love it every single time. The in-between moments is the best time to listen to, night walks, early morning bus rides and afternoon light.


The Other (Stripped) / Lauv
The voice is almost melting into the night, and that feeling of nearly losing the sound makes it closer to the heart and it keeps ringing in your mind.


Jasmine (Demo) / Jai Paul
This one also is my long long favourite, it is one of The best song to walk around the neon light filled city and fall into the night. There is a sense of something happening behind this sound and you can’t help listening to it, almost a drug really.


Letting You Go / Gabrielle Aplin
She started out with a sweet love song with acoustic guitar and the cutest music video but her music always had that little edge, sharpness to it including her voice, a bitter taste of life kind of showing in her sounds which I love so much. This song is from her most recent album “Light Up the Dark”, more of a heavy collections than her previous album, this song stands out in it’s mixture of darkness and the crescendo to the end is amazing!


Without You / Oh Wonder
THE BEST BEST BEST!!! Okay, when I start on about this British duo, I cannot stay calm. Their music has been one of the life time event for me, that’s how much it means to me. The piano, blended with the techno, Josephine’s voice catching your heart and never letting go, when the sound comes into motion overlapping with Anthony’s voice, that harmony, walking through the city, when it’s raining, every single song on their album “Oh Wonder” is a masterpiece in their own way, but this song is one of the crazy repetition one, The one. Just listen.


Mellow is always a good to you.






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