To just Listen

We Heart It

Listening is an act of respect.

To face the person in front of you, look them in the eye and drink in all the words, verbal and those unspoken, is how we can be a little more to one another.

We all want to be heard. Maybe one of the reasons I write, is to be heard. The world is a chaotic place with so many elements, crashing into each other, and sometimes yes, that can create something new and exciting and innovative. But other times, we are not looking for such chaos and adventures, but the comfort from all that noise, so loud in our mind and heart, we crave for the silence, of another being sitting next to us and listening.

That need to be heard beyond of what we are just saying but rather, those things we say without saying. People are afraid. We are a lonely soul no matter what, and but somehow extremely similar under the surface.

We can never go beyond ourselves to understand another, but we can, all we can do is, listen.

The way people talk, it is melodic, beating hearts, each with distinctive rhythm and tone, I love listening to all of it.

Many people assume, that I am shy. It’s because I can’t get into the crowd, I can’t speak well in front of many people, and that I am awkward in general. But I love listening to people tell their stories. I look at people, the way they talk, in various situations, small close circle of friends to public, there are many different faces and tones, the stories sounding similar, but never the same.

I also love having conversations with people, I enjoy asking questions and to hear what they got to say to this world. I listen, and I ask, and then I speak. I am an intense talker when it comes to really close friends, my friends know it and they are also one of them, we get immersed into deeper, wider topics which seems to go on forever and that feeling of seeing the world a littler clearer than before, that feeling.

Listening is how we can connect and see the world with a whole lot more perspective. We are all full of stories, of the things unknown, isn’t it exciting? To just Listen?





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