Playlist: On the Verge of Autumn

We Heart It

Sound. It is colour, the way sound finds its place in the corner of a sunset, or the never ending ocean view, or in between the wind coming in from the window next to me.

Music is a story in its own form, and at the same time, a blank page where each one of us can interpret and rewrite the music with our own experience and the immediate heartbeat.

To the season that’s changing, for the colder part of the year.

The air is definitely cooler, and the bus ride to school 6:40am is slightly darker than before.

As I see the sky and the island over on the left side, every time, every day, I breathe to its unbreakable beauty, thinking, how many more times should I see this view to get sick of it at all?

I am wondering in so many different directions, music sometimes sets a certain path, and that is exactly what I need at times too.

This is my current playlist: let’s call it “On the verge of Autumn”

Alaska – Maggie Rogers

King and Cross – Ásgeir

Coffee – Sylvan Esso

I Get Overwhelmed – Dark Rooms

Never Seen You Get So Low – Aquilo

Bird – Billie Martin

The sound is always there, but with different colours and vibration every time.
Every time you listen to a song, it is for the first time.




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