Love letter to the colour Blue


blue with neon.jpg
Blue Makes Me Happy

Fascination on Blue.

I was never satisfied with pink, that gender stereotype people think it’s okay to fore on a child with no say, and so little girls end up in pink and boys in blue.

Maybe not so much nowadays, but when I was young, the world was still much like that.

I adored blue from a very young age. I loved the shade, how it showed itself in such variety and vastness above, I could hear the sound of blue, and I loved every single bit of it.

Blue has shaped me to be the person I am now, the way I am still awed and fascinated by this colour and how I grew up to interpret blue in all sorts, I consider myself part of this colour.

The neon light blue is always lonely and but overly emotional and sharp. The deep deep blue sky is sometimes roaring into our existence and I get scared at times. Blue of the water changes expression according to the strength of light and its ever so moody, just like me.

Every shade is what makes the Blue what it is.

From burning anger to tenderness to sorrow to joy and calm, it is what measured my heart and coloured the palette of my life.

Blue, I love you so so much.






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