Crazy heart dancing in the mind

We Heart It

There is a crazy heart, dancing in the mind.
That rhythm is the wind.
Beating is the stars’ light, brighter, and then darker.

I can hear the chirping right outside the window.
Sun is already settling itself into the night, behind the cloud.
It will rain tonight. But not tomorrow.

Stepping out of the building after class and I feel air.
It is winter already; autumn seems to have slipped out.
Nostalgia is what engulfs me every time when saying hello.
To the season of cool wind and slow mornings.
Chilling midnights and the stars unusually shiny and glossy.

The ocean seems to be a little grumpy.
Blue, is not the colour to describe the water so close.
Rather, it is green, deep green with a hint of blue and grey.

Sound is subjective. We all hear, only the things we want to hear.
What I hear now, it’s my heart dancing along the coastline.







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