Coffee and Cigarettes (2003)


I loved the randomness of it all.

The weird conversation between the two, the monochrome shot of the table, each filled with the ashes of cigarettes and coffee in all it different preference. Their conversations, in the short period portrays and gives the glimpse of their relationship, often close, other times, a complete stranger, or past loved ones. They all sit across the table, with the cup in between, coffee and cigarette is the medium for the two human beings present. It is something they talk about, what they fill the awkward silence with, and the badness of the two, the strong caffeine and the nicotine, ugh I’m getting strongly affected by it just by watching it. It’s the sort, the film change itself depending on the watchers’ mood, environment and situation. The nothingness of this film besides coffee and cigarette is amazing, because it brings out the small details from each character, all short stories, they are all connected with one another, how we are all standing, being ourselves on the stepping stone called another being, yes, the one who is sitting across you with a cigarette between their fingers.

I loved the reference on Nikola Tesla, the alternative medicine, all the very conspiracy sort of rhythm making how normal the people are, like the weekly gossip magazine laid out in the local doctor’s office and everyone just picks it up and read like it’s nothing.


Director / Writer  Jim Jarmusch

Cast:Roberto Benigni, Iggy Pop, Cate Blanchett, Meg White, Jack White, Steve Coogan, Alfred Molina, Bill Murray, William Rice and many more    interesting poeple

Year  2003     Runtime  95 min

P.S oh, and as I was writing this, a song comes up on shuffle from a random playlist and this happens Two Fingers by Jake Bugg


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