Starting when it Ends


It’s quite ironic how I am starting my first piece on this blog, right before an year is about to end. Rewind a few years back, I used to go crazy preparing everything for the new year to come, finishing off diaries and writing unwritten letters, breaking hearts on the missed out books and films, and promising myself that I will be better, more organised, productive next year. I make long detailed new year resolution, which might take up more time planning rather completing even one of them.

This year I would like things to be different. And actually I am surprised at the fact that I don’t really have to try anything, I just don’t really care and mind it anymore. The whole process of “getting-ready-for-something-new” is sort of an illusion, and I know it so well now that I am laughing at myself for all the pressure and anxiety I had to go through every year. Now, I can read, write as freely as the wind, (which is one of the big theme for me the past few months) and feel no guilt nor fear for what is to come.

I am quite ready to embrace everything, including another year with open arms, dreams are getting bigger and fatter every second and I love to think of all the things I can be, the things I might be able to accomplish and the world I get to see.

Hello, my name is mugiho and I love writing, reading so much I am breathing it. Many other loves include film, music, photography, technology, science, philosophy, the list is never ending as with my curiosity.




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