that last page

What can you hear in the midst of all these human beings? What is it, that you are afraid to hear, to face, to conquer? The strong collision of the self has subsided and we are now standing on the verge of trying to listen to the sound of the world. You are waiting for… Continue reading that last page


the stars look beautiful tonight

A lot has happened. I am still not sure whether the path I have chosen is the right one. I guess no one will ever know. Even when we die. What we can know, is the fact that the heart is being filled with content and warmth and blue. It is whether you feel that… Continue reading the stars look beautiful tonight

written in June 2017 when I was utterly depressed

I am still 21. I am already 21. I have completed a quarter. (calculating with a life expectancy of 80-84!) I feel like I have lived too much. Too long. The mornings are dragging, hearts breaking at each sunrise, the cloud dusting over the moon, depressed and a lonely soul roaming around the space in… Continue reading written in June 2017 when I was utterly depressed

Just staring into space

The feeling of loss when you are in bed with the heaviest body, sinking into the mattress, and through the crumpled sheets, to the centre of something failing. Your head is falling into the depth of despair and you cannot wake up but not fall into sleep enough. I have always been a sickly being.… Continue reading Just staring into space